In Attendance

David, Jolene, Lilly, Jan, Tommy, Nina, Sheri (guest),Rose and Nancy.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting opened with prayer.

New Business

  • Mark and Crystal have agreed to go into McDougall Correctional on the second Monday evening at 6:30 of each month when they are able.
  • REMINDER: to get into Leiber Correctional, talk to the captain on duty. Then ask if the outcount has been taken. The inmates cannot move around anywhere until there had been a count made of each inmate.
  • Devotional- David read from Isaiah 42:5-9. God cares about those people generally forgotten, such as those in prison. See also Isaiah 61:1-3.

Committee Reports

  • Membership
  • Volunteers
  • Newsletter
  • Churches


  • A general discussion on the blessings, challenges, and issues of prison ministry followed after the devotional.
  • Some in this ministry are fasting for 24 hours every week for God’s blessings and help for this ministry. This shows our commitment to God when we deny ourselves for 24 hours.

Next Meeting


Closing Prayer

  • Rose asked for prayer for her brother.
  • Sonny who is in prison. He is a Christian and is witnessing to others.